MetCheck Detector check valves

MetCheck detector check valves combine a check valve and a water meter.

Used mostly in commercial, industrial and group title premises, the MetCheck measures everyday potable water flows to the premises. Should excessive fire flows be required the main valve will open, allowing unrestricted water flow to fight the fire.

With various configurations of internal springs and water meters the MetCheck can be used in dedicated fire services for counting illegal use of water and water leaks, while preventing the backflow of stagnant water into the main potable system.

Alternatively the MetCheck can be used as a combined fire and potable water measuring system to schools, retirement villages, industrial and commercial sites allowing larger volumes of water to be delivered to more consumers.

Available in 100mm – 150mm arrangements, with both flanged and roll grooved ends. The bypass assemblies are available in both twin and singles arrangements, made from the same high-quality stainless steel. Available in 20, 25, 32 & 40mm they are designed with all applications in mind.

Valve Images