Welcome to Hydromet

HydroMet is a proudly Queensland owned company that specializes in manufacturing and supplying water industry solutions to customers across Australia and New Zealand.

Relied upon by state and local governments, councils, and water corporations.

Custom solutions

Our expertise lies in custom designing and manufacturing pipes, valves, and fittings that perfectly align with your project requirements.

Our products

Rigorous testing

To ensure optimal functionality and customer satisfaction, every piece of pipework, valve, and fitting undergoes rigorous testing before leaving our facility.

We prioritize the testing phase to ensure that all components are in perfect working condition and meet your specific requirements.

Extensive range for swift project integration

We maintain a comprehensive inventory of pipework, valves, and fittings, offering an extensive range of products readily available for immediate delivery.

Our well-stocked warehouse ensures that you can swiftly access the items you need, minimizing any delays and enabling seamless integration into your projects.

Our partners