The Viking Johnson MaxiDaptor Flange Adaptor have been created with Flanges to accommodate PN10, PN16, BS10, AWWA, C207 D, AS4087, AS2129. The coupling can be used to join different types of pipes including steel, ductile iron, uPVC, cast iron, GRP, asbestos cement, and PE pipe.

HydroMet CodeNominal Size DN/DN (mm)Pressure Rating (PN)Compression Range (mm)Flange DrillingAllowed Angular Deflection oNumber Of Bolts
10016109-133AS 4087 B563
155016158-182AS 4087 B563
20016214-238AS 4087 B565
22516240-264AS 4087 B566
25016272-296AS 4087 B566
30016330-354AS 4087 B568
35016370-394AS 4087 B558
35016396-420AS 4087 B558
37516410-434AS 4087 B558
37516436-460AS 4087 B5410
45016488-512AS 4087 B5412
50016552-576AS 4087 B5412
55016560-584AS 4087 B5412
57516574-598AS 4087 B5412
60016602-626AS 4087 B5314
60016620-644AS 4087 B5314
60016658-682AS 4087 B5314