HydroMet has a range of specialities to suit many industries ranging from irrigation and reticulation to mining and commercial construction.

We can custom design and manufacture pipe, valves and fittings to suit your project.

Government, councils and water corporations

Hydromet continue to be the trusted and preferred company for many state and local governments, councils and large water corporations across Australia when managing large water mains and specific design and construct projects.

Custom manufacturing

We can help you custom design pipes, valves and fittings to suit your project. Through a strict quality assurance program, we will manufacture, pre assemble and test all your parts to ensure your project doesn’t suffer any setbacks. 

Repair clamps

HydroMet is the original designer and manufacturer of Quicksilver Repair Clamps in Australia. This very popular product is available in a wide range of sizes and if your size isn’t available, we will personally design and manufacture your size in our workshop. Tested to high pressures, these bands are suitable for sealing leaks on high pressure lines where shutting the line down and replacing the damaged section is not an option. 

Quality assurance

All products supplied by HydroMet are subject to a strict quality assurance program to ensure you receive the correct parts every time. Components and materials used in manufacturing custom parts are checked before, during and after the manufacturing process. All items are double checked and counted by separate staff before shipping to ensure you don’t find yourself one bolt short. 

Customer support

Our team is available whenever you require. We can help you work through on-site setbacks, answer any queries, and discuss concerns you may have. 


All HydroMet stainless steel products undergo corrosion resistance treatment to ensure longevity. 

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