Rapid Restraint Coupling

Rapid’s pipe restraint coupling offers a convenient and straightforward method for securing pipes and fittings. The coupling is designed to work with variable gibault’s and prevent the coupling from slipping or shifting along the pipe.

HydroMet CodeNominal Size DN (mm)Suited Pipe OD (mm)Bolts (Number – Diameter x Length)Approx. Weight (kg)
RRC114GB1001142-M20 x 4209
RRC122GB1001222-M20 x 4208
RRC125GB1001252-M20 x 4208
RRC160GB1501602-M20 x 42012
RRC177GB1501772-M20 x 42011
RRC180GB1501802-M20 x 42011
RRC225GB2002252-M20 x 42019
RRC232GB2002322-M20 x 42017
RRC250GB2252504-M20 x 50023
RRC259GB2252594-M20 x 50022
RRC280GB2502804-M20 x 50025
RRC286GB2502864-M20 x 50024
RRC315GB3003154-M20 x 50035
RRC345GB3003454-M20 x 50028