MaxiFit Large Diameter Couplings DN350 – DN700

The Viking Johnson MaxiFit Large Coupling is a versatile pipe coupling specifically created to join plain ended pipe in varying outer diameters. The coupling has been designed with a long sleeve length as standard to benefit the installation process on the larger pipes. The coupling can be used to join different types of pipes including steel, ductile iron, uPVC, cast iron, GRP, asbestos cement, and PE pipes for repair purposes.

HydroMet CodeNominal Size DN (mm)Size Range Min (mm)Size Range Max (mm)Overall Length (mm)Bolts (Number-Diameter x Length)Approx. Weight (kg)
3503513683488-M12 x 34030.1
350374.5391.53488-M12 x 34031.9
4003864033488-M12 x 34032.6
400394.5411.33488-M12 x 34033.2
400404.8421.83488-M12 x 34034
40041242934810-M12 x 34035.1
400418.2435.23488-M12 x 34034.9
4004254423488-M12 x 34035.5
400434.5451.534810-M12 x 34037
45043945634810-M12 x 34037.3
450447.2464.234810-M12 x 34037.9
45045547234810-M12 x 34038.5
45046748434810-M12 x 34039.3
45047649334810-M12 x 34039.9
500487504.334810-M12 x 34040.7
50049250934810-M12 x 34041.1
500501.9518.934810-M12 x 34041.8
50051052734810-M12 x 34042.3
50051553234810-M12 x 34042.8
50052754434812-M12 x 34044.1
55054656334812-M12 x 34045.5
550555.3572.334812-M12 x 34046.1
60056558234812-M12 x 34046.8
600582.2599.234812-M12 x 34048
60059361034812-M12 x 34048.8
60060161834812-M12 x 34049.4
60061363034812-M12 x 34050.3
65063064734814-M12 x 34052
65065467134814-M12 x 34053.8
65066267934814-M12 x 34054.3
65067569234814-M12 x 34055.2
70068970634814-M12 x 34056.3
70069571234814-M12 x 34056.7
70070772434814-M12 x 34061.1
70073375034814-M12 x 34062.3