UltraGrip Pecatadaptors DN80 – DN200

The Viking Johnson UltraGrip Pecatadaptors are factory assembled with a PE tail, ready for jointing into a pipe network by butt fusion or using an electrofusion coupler. The PE connection is 500mm in length which will accommodate two electrofusion connections. Stainless Steel internal support liner is required when mechanical joints are used on PE pipes and thin walled PVC in order to prevent excessive pipe deformation which can occur

Hydromet CodeNominal Size DN (mm)Size Range Min (mm)Size Range Max (mm)PE Pipe SizeInsertion Depth Min (mm)Insertion Depth Max (mm)Overall Length (mm)Bolts (Number – Diameter x Length)Approx. Weight (kg)
8085.71079065956823-M12 x 706.8
100107133.2110901157083-M16 x 9311.8
100107133.2125901157013-M16 x 9312.5
125132.2160.2110901157273-M16 x 9313.4
125132.2160.2125901157213-M16 x 9314.1
150158.2192.2160901257304-M16 x 9320
150158.2192.2180901257274-M16 x 9322.5
200218.12562251251657515-M16 x 9334.8