Galvanised Compression Couplings

Rapid’s galvanised compression couplings are made to suit galvanised, Steel, and uPVC pressure pipe. The coupling is equipped with a natural rubber gasket, ensuring the best possible seal. This provides a fast and efficient solution for connecting pressure pipes and eliminating the need for welding.

HydroMet CodePressure RatingDN Size
mm | Inch
To Suit OD Pipe
RGMCx151600KPa15 | 1/221.3
RGMCx201600KPa20 | 3/426.7
RGMCx251600KPa25 | 133.4
RGMCx321600KPa32 | 1 1/442.2
RGMCx401600KPa40 | 1 1/248.3
RGMCx501600KPa50 | 260.3