AquaFast Flange Adaptors OD 63-315mm

The Viking Johnson Aquafast flange adaptor provides an exclusive pressure sealing mechanism that provides a straightforward and dependable method for joining HDPE and PVC pipes. AquaFast stands out with its progressive gripping and pressure-responsive sealing technology, guaranteeing exceptional performance even when the pipe wall relaxes over time. This feature makes it an excellent choice for small diameter pumped sewerage pipelines as it eliminates the need for a support liner. With AquaFast, you can rely on its high-performance capabilities and ensure a reliable and efficient solution for your sewerage system.

HydroMet CodePipe OD (mm)Flange Drilling Bolts
(Number – Diameter x Length)
Overall Length (mm)Bore (mm)Flange Thickness (mm)Setting Gap Min (mm)Setting Gap Max (mm)Approx. Weight (kg)
6350/65 PN10 | 162-M12 x 135144501720253.7
7565/80 PN10 | 162-M12 x 135144651720254.3
9065/80 PN10 | 162-M12 x 135144801720254.4
110100 PN10 | 162-M12 x 1351441001720255.4
125100/125 PN10 | 162-M12 x 1351441001720256.3
140125 PN10 | 164-M12 x 1351441251720256.4
160150 PN10 | 164-M12 x 1351441501725357.3
180150 PN10 | 164-M12 x 18519515017253510.2
200200 PN10 | 164-M12 x 18519519018253513
225200 PN10 | 164-M16 x 19520519018253514.5
250250 PN10 | 166-M16 x 19520824020253519.5
315300 PN10 | 166-M16 x 19520930021.5253524.6