MaxiDaptor Flange Adaptors DN50 – DN300

The Viking Johnson MaxiDaptor Flange Adaptor have been created with Flanges to accommodate PN10, PN16, BS10, AWWA, C207 D, AS4087, AS2129. The coupling can be used to join different types of pipes including steel, ductile iron, uPVC, cast iron, GRP, asbestos cement, and PE pipe.

Hydromet CodeNominal Size DN (mm)Size Range Min (mm)Size Range Max (mm)Overall Length (mm)Flange DrillingBolts
(Number – Diameter x Length)
Approx. Weight (kg)
656385124AS2129/AS40874-M12 x 1253.5
100107132134AS2129/AS40874-M12 x 1254.4
125132158134AS2129/AS40874-M12 x 1255.6
150158184134AS2129/AS40874-M12 x 1256
175189212134AS2129/AS40874-M12 x 1258.3
200218244134AS21294-M12 x 1258.3
225243269144AS40876-M12 x 13510.9
250266295146AS40876-M12 x 13511.4
300315349155AS21296-M12 x 14514.8