UltraGrip Couplings DN40 – DN600

The Viking Johnson UltraGrip couplings are designed to join plain-ended pipe whilst providing an end load restraint that grips and seals onto a variety of pipe materials. The materials include Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Steel, PVC and PE.  Internal Pipe Liners are required when used on PE and thin walled PVC Pipe.

HydroMet CodeNominal Size DN (mm)Size Range Min (mm)Size range Max (mm)Insertion Depth Min (mm)Insertion Depth Max (mm)Overall Length (mm)Bolts (Number – Diameter x Length)Approx. Weight (kg)
4043.563.565952626-M12 x 705.2
504871651102966-M12 x 705.6
656383.765952626-M12 x 706.1
8085.7107651102886-M12 x 707.7
100107133.2901253426-M16 x 9313.4
125132.2160.2901253426-M16 x 9314.3
150158.2192.2091353866-M16 x 9319.9
175192.2226.912516540010-M16 x 9333.2
200218.125612516540010-M16 x 9335
250266.231012516552412-M16 x 12052.3
30031535612520052416-M16 x 12063.2
350352.239612520052518-M16 x 12073.9
400398.244212520052520-M16 x 12081.9
45044849213521556524-M16 x 150135
50049855215521556518-M20 x 150142
50055860815521556520-M20 x 150162
60060464815521556524-M20 x 150181
60067672615521556528-M20 x 150202