MaxiFit Couplings DN40 – DN300

Viking Johnson MaxiFit Coupling Available at Hydromet

The Viking Johnson MaxiFit Coupling is a versatile pipe coupling specifically created to join plain ended pipe in varying outer diameters. The coupling can be used to join different types of pipes including steel, ductile iron, uPVC, cast iron, GRP, asbestos cement, and PE pipes for repair purposes.

Vicking Johnson MaxiFit Coupling Side Profile
Working Pressure Water16bar (Water)
working Pressure Gas6bar (Gas)
Gasket EPDM (NBR Available on request)
Torque Rate55-65Nm

Product Size Chart

Hydromet CodeNominal Size DN (mm)Size Range Min (mm)Size Range Max (mm)Overall Length (mm)Bolts (Number – Diameter x Length)Approx. Weight (kg)
GJ47.9-59.5V4047.959.51902-M12 x 1803.1
GJ57-74V5057741904-M12 x 1803
GJ63-85V6563851903-M12 x 1803.6
GJ85-107V80851071903-M12 x 1804.1
GJ107-132V1001071321903-M12 x 1805
GJ132-158V1251321581904-M12 x 1806.1
GJ158-184V1501581841904-M12 x 1807
GJ189-212V1751892122304-M12 x 2209.4
GJ218-244V2002182442304-M12 x 22010.9
GJ243-269V2252432692306-M12 x 22012.4
GJ266-295V2502662952306-M12 x 22014.6
GJ315-349V3003153492308-M12 x 22219.4