Anti-Galling Stainless Steel Fasteners

Hydromet stocks a wide range of Stainless Steel fasteners all coated in a specialised anti-galling protectant

Hydromet Stainless Steel Fasteners coated in an anti-galling protectant.

Product Description

Anti-Galling Protection for Reliable Fastening

Hydromet’s range of 316 Stainless Steel fasteners is designed to meet the highest standards of durability and performance. These fasteners are coated with an anti-galling protectant that serves two critical purposes:

  1. Preventing Seizing: The anti-galling coating ensures that the fasteners won’t seize or become stuck due to friction during installation or use. This is especially crucial in applications where disassembly and reassembly are common.
  2. Long-Lasting Heat Protection: The dry-to-the-touch coating remains on the threads even under extreme conditions. Whether you’re dealing with high temperatures or corrosive environments, Hydromet’s fasteners will maintain their integrity, providing reliable performance over the long term.

Stock Availability and Custom Solutions

With a large quantity of stock readily available, Hydromet can promptly supply the fastening arrangement that suits your specific application. Whether you need standard sizes or specialized configurations, we’ve got you covered.

Custom Fasteners for Unique Requirements

Hydromet goes beyond off-the-shelf solutions. We understand that every project has unique demands. That’s why we offer custom-made fasteners tailored to your precise needs:

  • Fire Hydrant Bolts: Our custom bolts are specifically designed for fire hydrants, complete with custom keyways for secure installation.
  • Threaded Rods Cut to Length: Tight spaces? No problem. Hydromet can provide threaded rods cut to the exact length you require, ensuring a perfect fit even in challenging locations.
  • Trusted by Water Authorities and Councils

Our fastening combinations have earned the trust of water authorities and councils worldwide. When reliability matters most, Hydromet’s 316 Stainless Steel fasteners deliver. They’ll continue to function seamlessly, even under high heats.

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