Rapid Clamps

Rapid Clamps is a leading manufacturer of Stainless-Steel Pipe Repair Clamps and pipe fittings in Australia and New Zealand. Their extensive experience in design and manufacturing ensures that they provide high quality, certified products.

  • Rapid Sewer Junction Clamps

    Rapid Sewer Junction Clamps

    Your Solution for Reliable Sewer Connections Product Details These robust clamps are engineered to provide reliable sewer connections, whether you’re…

  • Rapid BSP Tapped Clamps

    Rapid BSP Tapped Clamps

    Your Reliable Solution for Branch Connections Product Details Rapid’s CTR clamps redefine secure pipe connections, specifically designed for branch connections requiring…

  • Rapid Tapping Saddle

    Rapid Tapping Saddle

    Rapid CT tapping saddles offer the perfect answer for creating a branch connection from pre-existing pipes without requiring any supply…

  • Junior Clamps

    Junior Clamps

    Full Circle – Galvanized Pipe HydroMet Code Nominal Pipe Size DN (mm) Outside Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Approx. Weight (kg)…

  • Multi-Part Repair Clamp

    Multi-Part Repair Clamp

    2 Part Clamps (Q2) Clamp OD Range Clamp Length No. Bolts Bolts No. Parts 250mm-670mm 300mm 8 M16 2 250mm-670mm…

  • Rapid Repair Clamps

    Rapid Repair Clamps

    Clamp OD Range (mm) Clamp Length (mm) No. Bolts Bolts No. Parts 45-104 150-200 2 M12 1 105 and Larger…