Quiksilver repair clamps

When it comes to pipe repairs, QuikSilver 316 Stainless Steel clamps stand out as the go-to choice. Manufactured right here in Queensland by HydroMet, these clamps offer unparalleled reliability and versatility. Let’s dive into the details

Hydromet's Quiksilver repair clamps - Manufactured in Queensland from 316 Stainless Steel

Wide Range of Applications

  • QuikSilver clamps cover all types of pipes, from PVC and Poly to AC and Iron.
  • With a diameter range spanning from 80mm to 700mm, there’s a clamp to suit almost every customer requirement.

Length Options

Available in various lengths, QuikSilver clamps allow you to tailor the solution to your specific needs:

  • 200mm: Ideal for smaller pipes or tight spaces.
  • 300mm: A versatile length suitable for most applications.
  • 400mm: Provides extra coverage for larger pipes.
  • 600mm: Perfect for extensive repairs.

MetCoated Studs and Nuts

  • HydroMet’s exclusive MetCoated hardware ensures longevity and reliability.
  • These studs and nuts prevent galling and seizing of the 316 Stainless Steel threads, even in challenging environments.

Heavy-Duty Washerplates

  • Designed for maximum force, the washerplates compress the rubber sealing mat effectively.
  • This ensures a tight and secure seal without compromising durability.

Dependable Performance

  • QuikSilver clamps can be relied upon to seal tightly and with minimum hassle.
  • Whether it’s a minor repair or a critical fix, these clamps deliver consistent results.

In summary, QuikSilver 316 Stainless Steel clamps combine robust construction, thoughtful design, and precision engineering. When leaks threaten your system, trust QuikSilver to keep things watertight. Learn more about our range of repair clamps in the links below. 

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